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1.電話: 04-24370123
2.傳真: 04-24373902
3.E-mail: or or
4.網址: or


3.外銷貨件查詢服務 EMS Tracking


3.匯款 The Bank Reference:
彰化銀行 北屯分行 代號009
帳戶 功率電氣有限公司
帳號 4028-03-22685-900

CHANG HWA Commercial Bank PEI TUN Branch
Address: #10, PEI TUN Road, Taichung 40459 Taiwan
TEL: +886-4-2322922   FAX:+886-4-2351018

Title: PWR Electronics Limited
ACCOUNT NO#: 2200-22-78429-600

How To Order:
Please contact Customer Service Department. Our qualified sales people are trained to offer technical assistance as well as aid you in placing an order. :
1.FAX: +886-4-2437-3902 International Sales 24 hr FAX
2.TEL: +886-4-2437-0123 Voice Service 09:00am-18:00pm; Monday-Friday
3.E-mail: or or
4.Please visit our website at: or

Order Confirmation:
1. When placing an order by telephone, please inform the salesperson that confirming paperwork will follow.
2. To avoid duplication, mark your confirming paperwork “Confirmation Only, Do Not Duplicate” and include the salesperson's name.
3. Send order confirmations to: PWR Electronics Limited.

Written Order:
1. Written orders are welcomed. If you are familiar with our products and do not need to consult with a salesperson, Please FAX your written orders to:

PWR Electronics Limited
FAX: +886-4-2437-3902 International Sales 24 hr FAX
E-Mail or or
For fast, efficient processing of your order, please include:
1. Purchase Order Number
2. Billing and Shipping Addresses
3. Part No. And Description of Items Ordered

Shipment and Delivery:
1. The standard shipping procedure is via EMS Postal Services, or other qualified carriers are available upon request.
2. All shipments will be F.O.B. Taiwan
3. Welcomes new accounts and will process orders on a C & F.
4. Track & Trace Service : EMS Tracking

1. The prices listed are those in effect at the time of publication and are subject to change without notice. Please contact Sales Department for current prices. We will be pleased to furnish quotations either by mail, e-mail, telephone, or FAX upon request.
2. Quantity Discounts: Many items have quantity discount schedules. For large quantities and for products, which do not have, discount schedules listed, please consult the Sales Department.
3. Minimum Billing: The minimum billing is $30.

1. We are pleased to extend the terms of Net 30 days to all customers who have established an open account with PWR electronics Limited.
2. All shipments will be F.O.B. Taiwan
3. Welcomes new accounts and will process orders on a C & F or a prepaid basis when an open account is being established.
4. Prepayment checks should be mailed to:
PWR Electronics Limited
#11,Lane 13,YI-SHIN 1st Street,
Taichung 40641

1. Payments by Transfer: The Bank Reference:
CHANG HWA Commercial Bank PEI TUN Branch
ACCOUNT#: 2200-22-78429-600
Account Title: PWR Electronics Limited

2. Payments By Credit Cards:
PWR Electronics Limited is a Verified Business Account of PayPal, and accepts the payments by all major credit cards worldwide. The payments through the service of PayPal makes sure the safest way to do your transaction. Please contact The Customer Service Department for the Account information, and also explore more in detail at:

Order Status / Return / Repair Inquiry:
For delivery status, order changes, cancellations, in-warranty and out-of-warranty repairs, please contact Customer Service Department. For Service Call:
TEL: +886-4-2437-0123 or FAX: +886-4-2437-3902

1. Before returning any Product(s), please contact the Customer Service Department to obtain an Authorized Return Number, and shipping address. The designated AR number should then be marked on the outside of the return package.
2. To avoid processing delays, please be sure to include: purchase order number, invoice number, name, address and phone number, model and serial number, and the repair instructions.
3. Shipping Damage: If you receive a shipment and discover damage to it, NOTIFY THE CARRIER IMMEDIATELY and make a claim. DO NOT return merchandise to us until notified to do so by the carrier. Retain all packaging materials including Styrofoam peanuts, inner and outer cartons, labeling, etc. for inspection by the carrier-without this, your claim may be denied. With shipments properly packaged (as all our shipments are), the ultimate responsibility for delivery in good condition rests with the carrier.

Warranty and Disclaimer:
Since the vendor, PWR Electronics Limited does not control the use of its products, there are no express warranties which extend beyond the description on the face hereof. SELLER DISCLAIMS ANY IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY OR OF FITNESS FOR ANY PARTICULAR PURPOSE.

Since Seller cannot control the manner of use of its products after their sale, Seller will not be responsible for any consequential or indirect damages.

Concerning products for which Seller is acting as only a distributor of products manufactured by other companies, Seller expressly limits its liabilities to any guarantees extended by the manufacturer, which guarantees Seller will pass through to the customer. Further, Seller will, at its option, either replace the goods sold or refund the purchase price. No warranties will apply if the goods are in any way altered or modified after delivery by Seller.


NEMICON red lion telco pwr

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